World Water-Tech is a key discovery platform to meet exciting early-stage water-tech companies seeking new connections, investment and collaborations among the global water-tech community. 

Start-Up Exhibition

The Start-Up Exhibition gives early-stage companies the opportunity to have a dedicated, branded presence in the networking area for the duration of the event, highly visible and ideal for meetings. Companies will have the chance to generate new connections among the investment and global water community, and be positioned as key innovators in the sector.


​​​​​”It provided us with the opportunity to increase the visibility of our brand and to glean insights from experienced water utilities, venture capitalists and other start-ups to help us better understand how to overcome some of the challenges of marketing a new technology in the utility sector.”

“The summit was a great place to learn about the challenges the water industry faces and the proposed solutions. It was also a great opportunity to connect with others whose needs were in alignment with my company’s solutions.”
Sales Development Representative, 

“The summit is an excellent experience and we met so many interesting people and listening to the talks was very educational.”

“The summit has been really useful for us and it was definitely at the right time. We met a lot of industry experts, gained some insights both from DEFRA, Ofwat, utility companies and other companies with some cutting-edge innovations.”
CEO & Co-Founder, FIDO

Our Start-Up Community

Join our community of successful start-ups who have showcased at World Water-Tech Innovation Summits, including: