Get ready for the Reverse Shark Tank, one of the most popular sessions at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit! 

Kieran Brocklebank from United Utilities and Angela MacOscar from Northumbrian Water will present their innovation strategies, with questions from entrepreneurs Aqua-B, Bluemethane and Subterra.

What’s driving their innovation focus? What are their pain points and success stories? How can innovators best work with them to find solutions?


Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation, NORTHUMBRIAN WATER, UK
“For 2023 NWG is keen to pick up the pace of innovation and bring to life many of the exciting projects we have in the pipeline such as a game-changing no dig solution and an asset health monitoring tool. To do this we will nurture the innovation culture established within NWG and the many partnerships we have in flight.”

Kieran Brocklebank, Head of Innovation, UNITED UTILITIES, UK
“We’ve had good success in the last few years – using our open innovation model and programmes like our Innovation Lab have encouraged new entrants to the water sector and faster adoption. We intend to continue and scale up to do even more, especially around the environment and customer service. That means continuing what we’ve started to fully embed the proven innovations and then find new ones to get ready for 2025 onwards.”


“A successful innovation strategy starts off by questioning if innovation is needed. Does the current status quo put people or the community in harm’s way? Do we have the resources to undertake innovation research ourselves or is there a solution out there already? These are not all the questions but some to consider before undertaking steps to build and implement innovative solutions.”

Louise Parlons Bentata, CEO & Co-Founder, BLUEMETHANE, UK
“Innovation is keeping the problem we’re solving at the heart of everything we do. We are obsessed with solving the problem. Then, it’s about working out how we are going to get there, bit by bit. We try not to obsess about one product or solution. We are open to new ideas, internal and external as we keep our problem in mind. We understand that failure and improvement go together as long as grit is sandwiched in between.”

It’s going to be an exciting session at World Water-Tech, with revelations and insights for both utilities and innovators looking for new ways to partner and solve challenges in water.