Start-Up TechHub: Proactive pipeline maintenance in utility networks. The World Smart City award-winning satellite data analytics service Rheticus®

Rheticus® Network Alert is among the ten water-tech companies selected by World Water-Tech Innovation Summit team to showcase at the Start-Up TechHub next February 25-26, 2020.

Rheticus® Network Alert is the winning solution of the World Smart City Award 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Selected among 450 projects from 54 countries, Rheticus® was awarded in the “Urban Environment” category with the winning use case of HERA Group, one of the largest Italian multi-utility company, which integrated Rheticus® Network Alert services to implement predictive analysis in the monitoring of water and sewerage networks, improving the effectiveness of inspections by 40%.



Using Satellite Radar Data to Improve Operations

Hera needed to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of sewer system maintenance by preventing the breakdown of sewer pipes caused by subsidence or ground instability. Rheticus® Network Alert, not only enhanced inspections, but also enabled Hera to identify possible problem areas and predict future troubles.

“Thanks to Rheticus® Network Alert, we detected 40% more critical segments. This confirmed the goodness and effectiveness of the approach adopted to prevent damage to the sewerage system. We found the radar satellite interferometry the most accurate and convenient detection method to prevent and detect potential breaks to the sewerage and water networks” declared, Paolo Gelli, WWTP and Sewage Operation Manager, HERA Group.

The Hera Group case history was also showcased at HxGN Live 2019 in Las Vegas. Watch the story on youtube.

Read more about the Hera Group use case on Water World Magazine.

Rheticus® is an award-winning platform that automatically process satellite and other data to deliver geoinformation and geoanalytics services to policy makers, managers and professional users in different industries around the world.

With several industry-focused services available, Rheticus® is able to empower subscribed users with continuous and accurate knowledge about environmental and business assets useful in operations and decision making.

Main applications are: landslide and subsidence affecting utilities networks, buildings, or critical infrastructures like roads, railways and bridges, mining, forest and bush fires area monitoring, urban dynamics, costal seawater quality, aquaculture, vineyards monitoring, as well as many more in the near future.

Shifting from the provision of data to the provision of information-as-a-service, intended as continuous access to information from the users, the service is provided in form of maps, geo-analytics, reports and alerts, and is also directly accessible through a Web service.

Read more about the Hera Group use case on Water World Magazine.

Rheticus® is developed and distributed by Planetek Italia, an Italian company established in 1994, with sound expertise in Earth observation and exploration of the Universe.

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