Meet Six Innovators who are Set to Transform the Water Industry

During last week’s World Water-Tech live webinar on ‘2020 in Water – The Emerging Changemakers’ Maisie Devine, Director 100+ Accelerator at Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Chris Stern, VP Strategy & Development at Trimble Water and Karen Meidlinger, Director, Corporate Development, Evoqua Water Technologies revealed six exciting entrepreneurs that have the potential to revolutionise the water ecosystem.

These include:

Asarasi (USA): the world is running out of fresh water. With less than 1% of all water on the planet being drinkable in its current form and with worldwide scares over water contamination, we desperately need a new alternative, trustworthy source of pure, fresh water for both our drinking supply and for food and beverage manufacturing. Asarasi offers a partial solution by sourcing 1bn gallons of pure tree-filtered water that is currently a by-product of the maple industry today, called maple permeates.

Gybe (USA): monitors water quality. To keep our watersheds healthy, we need to understand what’s in the water, how it’s changing overtime, and which actions are likely to be most effective. Accurate, up to date data is critical. Gybe’s unique high-tech solutions shift the data gathering process from being slow and taxing to automatic and easy for water managers. Using satellite imagery and its hardware products, it transforms management, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

Microvi (USA) is a transformative biology company delivering tailored, low-cost bioprocesses for applications in the water, renewable chemicals and biotech sectors. It is the first and only company to focus exclusively on the micro-environment to enhance how microorganisms perform in industrial bioprocesses. Microvi’s MicroNiche Engineering (MNE) platform combines materials science and microbiology, aligning modern industrial bioprocesses with the evolutionary history of microbial functions over billions of years. It has developed thousands of biocatalysts as the base of its suite of water purification, wastewater treatment and bio-production technologies.

True Elements (USA) provides the world’s first water quality forecasting service. Its software service uses data from over 500,000 sensors, and a growing data library that includes over 40 national databases plus state, local and hyper-local data mapped to over 100,000 Hydrological Unit Codes (HUC’s). The data is normalized across all data bases through our advanced algorithms.

Vapar (USA) is a cloud platform that automates condition assessment directly from pipe CCTV footage. VAPAR users enjoy superior accuracy in the tracking of maintenance and repair requirements for this infrastructure in addition to significant savings in associated labour costs. Since its establishment in 2018, VAPAR has received over $1.2 million in funding through government grants and private investment. Today, the VAPAR platform processes over two hundred thousand metres of wastewater infrastructure for dozens of clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Voda.AI (USA) uses artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning) to virtually assess the condition of buried water mains. Its award-winning predictive engine – daVinci – has won every head-to-head technical competition with other AI and traditional methods of pipe prioritization.’s customers include US and international innovative utilities, many of which are members of the Leading Utilities of the World.

Rewatch the webinar to find out more about the innovators here