Giving us a taste of his roundtable group discussion at the summit, Andre Nogueira, Water & Wastewater Segment Lead at SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, shares insights in this short video interview about the most urgent issues facing wastewater and how critical points in the water supply chain can be targeted to support sustainability.

“Looking at a weather forecast, if you’re transferring water which takes two days to get to the reservoir but then in four days heavy rainfall could be coming, you need to question whether you should be transferring that same amount of water or not. With a more holistic approach you consider what’s the overall impact of those different elements in your strategy and planning? This will have a dramatic impact on your sustainability goals.”  

Andre will host an insightful roundtable discussion on ‘Broadening Horizons for Holistic Operational Asset Management’ at 14.35pm GMT on February 21.

Join his colleague, Alain Dedieu, President Water Wastewater Segment speaking on the panel ‘Energy Uncertainty // Improving Efficiency & Finding Renewable Sources’ at 10.10am GMT on the same day.

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