Electro Scan to Showcase Game Changing Technology for Pipe Integrity, Water Loss, & Condition Assessment Challenging Legacy Suppliers and Recent Start-Ups

Electro Scan is delighted to bring its game-changing technology to World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London.
Chuck Hansen - Electro Scan - World Water-Tech
Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan

Now in its 11th year, the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit has become the annual meeting place for the global water ecosystem, including utilities, regulators, consulting engineering firms, technology giants, start-ups, ESG private equity funds, and venture capital investors in the water business, climate-based innovations, and clean tech.

Given the US$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill signed today by U.S. President Joe Biden, the US$5.1 billion bill signed by the State of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom for water Infrastructure and drought response, and United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) just ended in Glasgow, Scotland, technology innovations like Electro Scan’s game changing AI and robotic solutions are expected to overhaul the way utilities and petrochemical companies locate and quantify pipeline leakage, pipe integrity, and overall condition assessment.

“We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor at this prestigious event,” stated Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO, Electro Scan Inc.

“Older technologies, and even newer renditions, have not only been inefficient in solving key water challenges, but frequently deliver inaccurate or untimely results that have caused billions in wasteful spending,” continued Hansen.

In the past, utilities have relied on acoustic or listening technologies to locate sources of non-revenue water. Yet, an abundance of false-positive readings result due to street noise, customer usage, high groundwater, and pipe materials.

Commonly resulting in the miss identification or miss classification of defects, repairs are often incorrectly prioritized; even worse, by using legacy techniques to accept or approve new construction as watertight, significant defects are often overlooked, forcing utilities to return multiple times to the same location to complete frequent repairs or premature replacement.

In contrast, Electro Scan’s AI and machine-intelligent robotics assess pipeline integrity and leakage, independent of noise, water pressure, flow velocity, pipe materials, or other environmental factors.

Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms, Electro Scan’s real-time data is instantly available to utility management and authorized contractors by accessing its separately manage Critical H2O (water), Critical Sewer (wastewater), and CriticalPipe (petrochemical) web applications.

Recently, Anglian Water announced a partnership with Electro Scan Inc.

Separately, Electro Scan was awarded a Framework Agreement with Yorkshire Water to be part of the utility’s Innovation Marketplace.

Last month, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) announced Electro Scan Inc. as the Winner of Technology Challenge No. 15 for ‘Inspection Technique of Non-Metallic Underground Piping.’

Founded in 2011 by water industry pioneer and software entrepreneur Chuck Hansen, Electro Scan Inc. has not faced the usual roadblocks and longer acceptance cycles faced by other start-ups.

Founding Hansen Software in 1980, Hansen has been a well-known figure in the water business for over 40 years.

Developing one of the industry’s first Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions for water & sewer pipelines, Hansen also developed the U.S.’s first pipe inspection standard for using Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to visually assess sewer mains in 1990.

Selling his company in 2007 to private equity firm Golden Gate Capital and Infor Global for US$100 million, Hansen was brought out of retirement to bring to market technologies that would overcome the shortcomings of acoustic-based and visual-based subjective pipe assessment techniques.

Sole investors in Hansen Investment Holdings, LLC, co-owned and managed by Chuck and Deborah Hansen, the Hansen’s were early investors in Pre-IPO shares of Facebook and investors in a number of AI-based start-ups, including Sibros, a leading connected vehicle IoT platform.

Experiencing rapid expansion and growth, the Hansen’s Electro Scan Inc is attracting interest from international ESG private equity and venture capital interests who will have an opportunity to meet the management team at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, including Mike App, Vice President, Operations, Electro Scan Inc. and Brad Weston, Managing Directors Electro Scan (UK) Limited.

Awarded ‘Leak Detection Solution of the Year for 2021,’ Electro Scan full-length pipe condition assessment profiling is the missing link to creating an organization’s digital twin.

Representing ‘pipe analytics for the new world, the company’s machine-intelligent non-acoustic technology locates & measures leaks in pressurized pipelines not commonly found or measured by acoustic sensors or visual CCTV inspections.

Plans for 2022 call for Electro Scan to expand its product sales and services into Asia Pacific, the European Union, India, and South America.

The company designs, develops, and markets AI and in-pipe tethered-based robotics that brings a generational change to precision-based location, measurement, and certification of pipe leakage, water loss, non-revenue water, pipe integrity, condition assessment, pipe wall thickness, and pre- and post-repair water tightness testing. As ageing pipeline infrastructure is being used well beyond its planned lifespan, utilities and petrochemical companies may now defer major capital replacements by using the company’s products to certify watertightness of specific pipelines and pinpoint repairs & rehabilitation by knowing precise locations, size of defects, and severities. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, USA, the company was founded in 2011 and is privately-held by 100% by Hansen Investment Holdings, LLC.