Aquarius Spectrum, which provides advanced acoustic leak detection solutions for the efficient management of a municipal water network, was recently acquired by Aliaxis SA – a world leader enabling access to water and energy through fluid management solutions. Aquarius Spectrum is now part of Aliaxis Next, Aliaxis’s newly created division which is a business builder of solutions to the world´s water challenges.

Shortly after this acquisition, the company appointed Koen Verweyen as its new CEO. Mr. Verweyen brings with him more than 25+ years of experience in innovation and management, developing global digital business opportunities forward in strategic areas. Before joining Aquarius, he worked for Aliaxis, where he served in several positions, his latest as Director New Business Development Digital Solutions.

Aquarius Spectrum has developed ground-breaking systems that proactively monitor water distribution networks. Throughout the world, Aquarius Spectrum sells leak detection solutions which leverages acoustic sensors and sophisticated analysis engines to detect water leaks and pinpoint their exact location. To date, the solutions of Aquarius Spectrum has saved close to 8 billion liters of water, which is the equivalent of 3,200 Olympic swimming pools.

Becoming part of the Aliaxis Group will extend the deployment of Aquarius Spectrum’s state-of-the-art technology which has a great impact on reducing water loss and conserving water and energy through proactive continuous monitoring and big-data capabilities. Early detection of leaks and other failures in the water network, significantly reduce infrastructure maintenance and replacement expenses and environmental damages”.