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Post-Summit Innovation in Action Tour to Anglian Water’s ‘Shop Window’ on February 27

Maximise your time at the summit by joining our post-summit tour to explore Anglian Water’s ground-breaking ‘Shop Window’ innovation hub.

Back by popular demand, join us to explore Anglian Water’s ground-breaking ‘Shop Window’ innovation hub, which recently won an IWA Innovation Gold Award. You’ll hear from teams who are at the frontier of leakage and carbon reduction, amongst many other exciting developments. You will also meet face-to-face with some of the prominent technology companies that have been part of this journey with Anglian Water.

The ‘Shop Window’ is a core component of Anglian Water’s ‘Love Every Drop’ strategy, aimed at driving innovation to transform its business through collaboration across partner alliances, amongst its supply chain, and with its customers in a live test bed – a true global water industry first. To date it has worked with 105 partners on 101 projects. Successful trials are then rolled out to the wider business.

Based in Newmarket, a 1 ½ hour drive from the summit hotel, the ‘Shop Window Tour’ will include visits to the innovative Gazeley Water Treatment Plant, ground-breaking Studlands Pressure Reducing Valve site and direct insight into Anglian Water’s approach to smart metering, behavioural change, catchment management, leakage reduction, advanced wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion.

The tour will depart from the summit hotel at 9.00am and return around 5.00pm. Registration includes all travel, lunch and refreshments.


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