Pre-event: Afternoon – Monday, February 25
Towards Zero Leakage

A half-day, in-depth seminar and workshop programme developed in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade and Northumbrian Water exploring the question: How can the global water industry realistically achieve the ambitious target of zero leakage? Find out more Register

Pre-event: Evening – Monday, February 25
The World Water-Tech Thames River Cruise

The World Water-Tech Thames River Cruise, setting off from Tower Pier, will be an evening of informal networking, a water quiz and a classic British ‘pub grub’ supper. Open to all delegates and strictly limited to max. 80 guests. Find out more Register

February 26 Morning

Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address

Richard Benyon MP, Chair, UK Water Partnership (UKWP), UK

Policy, Regulation and Technology: Driving Forward Collaborative Innovation
  • What are the successful regulatory drivers that support utilities to deploy advanced technologies?
  • How can governments support technology acceleration and help to mitigate risk? What more can policy makers be doing to move the dial and lead the industry forwards?
  • Where has innovative or challenging policy / regulation been effectively deployed to create new markets? E.g. phosphorous removal, tough leakage targets. What are the lessons that can be applied to the future?
  • How are utilities collaborating and co-creating innovation models?

Session Chair:
George Gerring, Partnerships Manager, ENVIRONMENT AGENCY, UK
David Black, Executive Director, OFWAT, UK
Kitila Mkumbo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water, GOVERNMENT OF TANZANIA, Tanzania
Newsha Ajami, Director of Urban Water Policy, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA

Evolving From The Outside: Transformative Acquisitions
  • What are the critical success factors for a transformative collaboration, investment or a merger and acquisition? At what stage of the lifecycle is this likely to happen?
  • Companies advance myriad strategies for creating value with acquisitions—but only a handful are likely to do so. Why is that?
  • Which deals over the past 12-24 months have specific, well-articulated value creation ideas going in? What can we learn from the outcomes?
  • To what extent do long-term wins depend on the talent and experience of the team vs exceptional technological brilliance?

Session Chair:
Mike Rosenfeld, Vice Consul – Senior Advisor, Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, UK DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE, USA
Eytan Levy, Owner, LEVY VENTURES, Israel
David Smith, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, STANTEC, UK
Jean-Luc Ventura, CEO, SUEZ VENTURES, France
David Rose, Founder, H20 INSIGHTS, USA

Networking Tea and Coffee Break

Hosted by

Lightning Talks: Emergent Opportunity and Progress for the Circular Economy in Latin America

Julián Suárez Migliozzi, Vice President Sustainable Development, CAF (DEVELOPMENT BANK OF LATIN AMERICA)
Dante Pauli, Superintendent of Integrated Planning, SABESP, Brazil

Technology Showcase

Four start-ups pitch their technology and business models to a panel of three ‘dragons’, with questions from the audience.
Hervé Suty, President, TERGYS
Michael Gardner, Founder & CEO, AQAIX
Philip Briscoe, COO, REZATEC
Wolfgang Vogl, Founder & General Manager, VIENNA WATER MONITORING SOLUTIONS
In the ‘dragon’ chairs:
Abhirabh Basu, Practice Lead for Water, LUX RESEARCH, Global
Henri Lambert, Founder, APSARA CAPITAL, UK
Eytan Levy, Founder, LEVY VENTURES, Israel

Investments with Impact: Deals of the Year 2018

Investors in water technology companies come together to discuss the hottest deals and investments of 2018 / 19 and share their insight into what the most exciting opportunities and challenges may be over the coming year.
Session Chair:
Brian Iversen, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, CIMBRIA CAPITAL, USA
Helge Daebel, Investment Director, EMERALD TECHNOLOGY VENTURES, Switzerland
Reinhard Hübner, Investment Manager, SKION GMBH, Germany
Jeroen Tielman, Founder & Managing Partner, QSTONE CAPITAL, Netherlands
Maarten ter Keurst, Director of Investments, PURETERRA VENTURES, China
Khalil Maalouf, Partner, XPV WATER PARTNERS, Canada

Networking Lunch Break

February 26 Afternoon

Case Studies of Pioneering Partnerships

Two joint presentations from service providers and their clients telling real world stories of where ground-breaking technology has been deployed to great effect. Beyond theory, hear about what is excelling in practice in terms of building capacity, reducing expenditure and boosting efficiency.

Case Study 1: Solving the problem of managing engineering drawings with the cloud
Wayne Gerard, Co-founder & CEO, REDEYE, Australia
Nathan Allen, Chief Executive, WATERSTART, USA

Case Study 2: Energy Saving/Biosolid Reduction/Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment: A Proven Cost Effective Approach
Short Documentary Film, CITY OF KANSASUSA

DIT Country Focus: Water Management Challenges and Opportunities in Kenya

Hear the latest government-level insight into water management challenges, partnership potential and investment opportunities in Kenya.
Joseph Irungu, Principal Secretary, Ministry Of Water and Sanitation, GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA
Michael Thuita, Chief Executive Officer, ATHI WATER
Enoch Mwita, Trade Development Manager, DIT KENYA

Case Study Plenary: Breaking New Ground in the Water, Energy and Waste Nexus
  • This session will feature a collection of the best examples of technological optimisation across the water, energy and waste nexus.
  • How are the barriers to adoption of a closed loop being overcome?
  • Who is leading the way in cutting-edge energy recovery? How achievable is energy neutrality and who can we learn from?
  • To what extent is the need to reduce expenditure on energy driving us towards decentralised models?

Session Chair:
Fiona Griffith, Group Director, ISLE UTILITIES, Global
Christian Loderer, Project and Innovation Manager, KOMPETENZZENTRUM WASSER BERLIN, Germany
Jose Vazquez, Innovation Department Manager, FCC AQUALIA, Spain
Mogan Padayachee, Technology and Innovation Group Strategy Manager, RAND WATER, South Africa
Andrea Gysin, Head of Research, Development and Innovation, THAMES WATER, UK

Networking Tea and Coffee Break
Fireside Chat: Exploring the Role of Digital in Transforming Customer Experience

As the water industry gets smarter and smarter, we hear about where technological advancement is successfully meeting customer service demands and what the future looks like as the water industry attempts to catch up with online retailers.

  • How is this adoption driving efficiency and savings?
  • Who is communicating excellently to stakeholders and how are they doing it?
  • What do proactive communication plans look like that help conserve water to ensure there’s enough to meet growing demand?
  • Are there any game changing technologies on the horizon?

Session Chair:
Nigel Watson, Chief Information Officer, NORTHUMBRIAN WATER GROUP, UK
Alex Russell-Rutherford, Customer Experience Manager, WESSEX WATER, UK

Circular Industry: End Users and Water Reuse
  • Year on year, industrial end users continue to be met with ever-louder calls for diversifying water resources and cleaning up at source. How are leading end users approaching wastewater reuse and recycling within their businesses?
  • What are the biggest hurdles to water reuse and recycling? How can we get buy-in from stakeholders?
  • How can these projects be financed and what could the model look like?
  • What areas of innovation are delivering most value to industrial end-users? Is there room for improvement?
  • What are the opportunities for cloud-based asset management efficiencies in industrial water reuse?
  • What other innovative methods of producing alternative water supplies are emerging?

Session Chair:
José De Pierola Canales, Manager of Water Resources, SOUTHERN PERU COPPER CORP, Peru
Alex Money, Programme Director – Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, UK

Roundtable Discussions

One of the most interactive sessions of the programme. The roundtable discussion groups are hosted by an industry expert and offer you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and share ideas with your peers on similar topics and issues.

  • 1. Which policies and market interventions can accelerate the deployment of water reuse schemes in new developments? – Host: Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager, SOUTHERN WATER
  • 2. What can we learn from utilities already deploying digital technologies, and how do we get more utilities to start the digital journey? – Host: Randolf Webb, Director, Strategy & Marketing – Europe, XYLEM
  • 3. Shifting water demands and fostering innovation in global markets– Host: Karolina Peret, International Manager, BRITISH WATER
  • 4. Growing your business in the US: Exploring the benefits and risks – Host: Beverley Ferrara, European Representative, THE WATER COUNCIL
  • 5. What do water companies need to do to encourage and support more innovation? – Host: Kieran Brocklebank, Head of Innovation, UNITED UTILITIES
  • 6. What are going to be the most hot challenges of water utilities in the 2025? – Host: Yossi Yaacoby, Chief of Staff, MEKOROT
  • 7. De-risking technology and innovation adoption – Host: Mogan Padayachee, Technology and Innovation Group Strategy Manager, RAND WATER
  • 8. The art of sustainable and scalable fundraising for your start-up and SME– Host: Helge Daebel, Investment Director, EMERALD TECHNOLOGY VENTURES
  • 9. Is the adoption of IoT a game changer in service level provision by utilities? – Host: Khalil Maalouf, Partner, XPV WATER PARTNERS
  • 10. Fostering a culture of innovation: what are the attributes that can make this a reality for water companies? – Host: Andrea Gysin, Head of Research, Development and Innovation, THAMES WATER
  • 11. Industrial water re-use – The future is not what it used to be – Co-Hosts: Alex Money, Programme Director, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD and Mark Lane, Consultant, UK WATER PARTNERSHIP
  • 12. What are the real opportunities water utilities can develop for and apply to a circular economy? – Host: Rik Thijssen, Manager Business Development, VITENS
Closing Remarks & Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two — February 27 Morning

Breakfast Briefing: Connecting With Women at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit

Join Xylem leaders, including Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Jay Iyengar, and fellow conference colleagues for an informal discussion about inspiring and elevating women in the water technology sector. The discussion, along with time for networking, will bring participants new connections and provide a forum of inspiration and innovation for future leaders in the industry. A light breakfast will be provided.

Welcome Remarks
Making the Digital Difference: Big Data and the Analytics of Things
  • How can we amplify the power of data to optimise decision making across water networks? Beyond raw data, how must utilities approach the Analytics of Things?
  • What are the key challenges that arise with implementing cloud-based operations and artificial intelligence itself or is it the realignment of resources and operations that goes with it?
  • What are the cast-iron examples of where employing IoT and AoT / AI has improved efficiency, resilience, predictive maintenance and / or driven down operational costs?
  • What new business models are emerging as a result?
  • What do we know now that we wish we’d known 5 years ago?

Session Chair:
Steve Kaye, Executive Director, UKWIR, UK
Jay Iyengar, Senior Vice President & Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, XYLEM, USA
David Fortune, Vice President Innovation, INNOVYZE, UK
Tertius Rust, Head of Digital, JACOBS UTILITIES, UK
Rik Thijssen, Manager Business Development, VITENS, Netherlands
Nicole Puhl, Business Unit Manager, Claros (SaaS), HACH, USA

Engineer 2.0: How Human and Artificial Intelligence can Reshape the Future of Asset Management

Maximising outcomes for utilities by combining institutional knowledge with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Mark Kaney, Director of Assessment Management – Europe, BLACK & VEATCH, UK
Thouheed Gaffoor, CEO & Co-Founder, EMAGIN, USA

Technology Showcase

Four start-ups pitch their technology and business models to a panel of three ‘dragons’, with questions from the audience.
Gualter Sampaio, Business Development Manager, ENGING
Henrik Hagemann, CEO and Founder, CUSTOMEM
Ziv Gottesfeld, CEO and Co-Founder, HPNOW
In the ‘dragon’ chairs:
Abhirabh Basu, Practice Lead for Water, LUX RESEARCH, Global
Henri Lambert, Founder, APSARA CAPITAL, UK
Eytan Levy, Founder, LEVY VENTURES, Israel

Networking Brunch
Lightning Talk: The Frontier of Solar Desalination

Hagen Gleisner, Director of Engineering, TRENDS INGENIERIA, Chile

Rethinking Desalination: Is Desal 2.0 on our Doorstep?

– 2018 has seen a surge of activity in the international desalination market: is Desal 2.0 on our doorstep? What might it look like?
– How far away are we from game-changing upgrades in application (i.e. scaled-up solar powered desal) and materials (i.e. graphene membranes)?
– With increasing occurrences of drought and water stress in currently abundant areas, where can we expect brand new desal markets to appear? What’s the timeline?
Session Chair:
Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager, SOUTHERN WATER, UK
Grant Page, Founder & President, MI SYSTEMS, USA
Emmanuel Vivant, International Executive Vice President and Director, SAUR,France
Vinod Ramachandran, Senior Director – Global Open Innovations, SUEZ, Singapore

DIT Country Focus: Rural Infrastructure Development Opportunities in Kazakhstan

Hear the latest government-level insight into water management challenges, partnership potential and investment opportunities in Kazakhstan.

Day Two — February 27 Afternoon

Lightning Talks: Mega Cities, Mega Challenges

We hear from representatives from 3 ‘mega cities’ who will explain how they are going about meeting some of the biggest water challenges on the planet.
Session Host:
Newsha Ajami, Director of Urban Water Policy, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, USA

City 1: Lagos
Muminu Adekunle Badmus, CEO, LAGOS WATER CORPORATION, Nigeria
City 2: Delhi
Sourav Daspatnaik, CEO, SWACH ENVIRONMENT, India
City 3: Chennai
Mohan Murthy Murali, L&T Construction, India

Open Source Water Hubs: How Could We Share Technology and Data Around the World?
  • To what extent do water hubs deliver what they say they will? How successful are they at commercialising and scaling up tech in real terms?
  • Water hubs are developed to cultivate innovation – what would such a network look like on global scale? How would it work?
  • Water hubs thrive in a tightly-knit ecosystem belonging to a particular geography: is a ‘global water tech hub’ an oxymoron?
  • What examples of technological cross-pollination have occurred between municipal hubs?
  • Who takes responsibility? What existing platforms could be adopted or acquired to form the bedrock of such an initiative?

Session Chair:
Hein Molenkamp, Director, WATER ALLIANCE, Netherlands
Caroline Wadsworth, Water Innovation Hub Manager, SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY, UK
Yossi Yaacoby, Head of Staff, MEKOROT, Israel
Kieran Brocklebank, Head of Innovation, UNITED UTILITIES, UK
Nathan Allen, Chief Executive, WATERSTART, USA
Beverley Ferrara, European Representative, THE WATER COUNCIL, EUROPE

Close of Summit
Post Event
World Water-Tech Innovation Tour

Thursday, February 28

We are delighted to confirm a full-day tour of Anglian Water’s pioneering ‘Shop Window’ in Newmarket for up to 20 delegates.

Join us to explore Anglian Water’s ground-breaking ‘Shop Window’ innovation hub, which recently won an IWA Innovation Gold Award. You’ll hear from teams who are at the frontier of leakage and carbon reduction, amongst many other exciting developments. You will also meet meet face-to-face with some of the prominent technology companies that have been part of this journey with Anglian Water. Confirmed to date are Innovyze, 8Power and ATI.

Find out more