Innovation takes centre stage at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit as the most disruptive innovators showcase their ground-breaking solutions on stage and at the sold-out start-up exhibition in London on February 20-21.

The summit programme includes a Start-Up Pitching session, where a group of entrepreneurs will pitch their game-changing ideas to a panel of experts from Imagine H20 and Emerald Technology Ventures.

The Ofwat Innovation Fund will present 10 winners of its Water Discovery Challenge, a £200 million initiative supporting the development of new and innovative water technologies.

From desalination to sanitation, filtration to data analytics, read on to find out more about all the exciting companies confirmed to present their cutting-edge technologies revolutionising the water industry.

  • Acwa Robotics (France) has developed an autonomous robot that is able to travel at the heart of the water supply network, monitoring infrastructure without disrupting water distribution to users.
  • Trident Desal (USA) is making desalination affordable with its cost-effective and scalable thermal heat treatment removing up to 98.4% salinity in water.
  • MolendoTech (UK) specialises in environmental sample analyses to detect water contamination using special bacterial strains with a wide range of applications in the food, feed, water and agricultural sectors.
  • VorTech Solutions (UK) is developing a patented, new class of activated sludge technology, which transforms wastewater treatment plants by enabling safer and more cost-efficient retrofits, reducing maintenance costs and increasing energy efficiency.
  • datumpin (UK) has developed a patented embedded data memory solution enabling equipment owners to reclaim control and restore their systems to peak performance.
  • Water Warriors (USA) has designed innovative ‘poseidon’ pellets that absorb phosphorus and ammonia from contaminated water samples that release nutrients into the soil.
  • Enspired Solutions (USA) is a remediation company with a US-EPA award-winning technology, ‘PFAS-igator’ destroying in-situ PFAS in water.
  • Biocell Analytica (Sweden) deploys effect-based monitoring methods detecting biological, chemical hazards, and enhancing water quality.
  • Waltero (Sweden) is contributing to a resource efficient world by digitizing analogue meters and bringing the data to the doorstep of its customers.
  • Fluidit (Finland) provides a utility digital journey with hydraulic modelling solutions and services.
  • SAMP (France) is proposing the next generation 3D asset management solution for utilities, bringing simplicity and efficiency to industrial site modernization projects.
  • Infersens (UK) is bringing sophisticated machine learning to enhance extremely low-power sensors and bring AI powered smart sensors to the market.
  • Sudoc (USA) is utilising patented, TAML catalysts to improve the efficiency of industrial oxidation processes to develop effective and efficient water treatment solutions.
  • EM Fluids (Canada)  is developing a disruptive device that facilitates the oxygenation of large open water bodies without the need for chemicals, fossil fuels, grid power, highly skilled operating staff, or costly infrastructure.
  • Wizso (UK) is saving water, carbon, and money, one flush at a time. Its small pellets are dropped into the toilet bowl which fizzes, releasing a dye and fragrance to mask any colour and odour.
  • Torwash (The Netherlands) offers a unique set of patented processing methods for treatment of sludge, wet biomass and mixed plastics, which are converted into biofuels, biogas, fertilizers, and raw materials for new plastics.
  • Onunda (UK) is turning waste into worth by deploying its signature technology that transforms sewage into clean energy and valuable nutrients whilst minimising the need for biosolids to be returned to land.
  • Gross-Wen Technologies (USA) is an algae-based wastewater solution designed to decontaminate wastewater and recover its nutrients.
  • Rapida’s (Israel) is an AI engine that automates civil infrastructure inspection by detecting, mapping and measuring structural defects.
  • Nanobox (Ireland) specialises in ground-breaking nanobubble generation technology that requires minimal energy and is powered by the sun.
  • Bluemethane (UK) claims to be the ‘Dyson’ for methane capture deploying its patented technology to separate methane from water at scale.

Globally renowned for its focus on novel technologies, the summit aims to advance opportunities and partnerships for these start-ups as they raise their profile and connect with potential utilities, technology partners and investors. Full profiles of all the featured start-ups and exhibitors is available at:

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