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About the Summit

Vulnerable to weather extremes, water quality issues and high energy consumption, the water sector is at a tipping point. Do we innovate to maintain and optimise existing assets or do we look to radicalise operations with advanced technologies? While there is no one-size fits all approach, one thing is for certain – the water sector needs to take action.

Now is the time to galvanise resources towards the markets, technologies and industries that offer the greatest return. And with this a shift from business as usual towards proactive approaches that predict problems before they culminate in crisis.
Are you ready to step up to the challenge?

200 water leaders, utilities, engineering consultancies, technology companies and investors attended the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit on Feb 20 -21 to meet new technology partners, forge alliance and do business with the best in water.


  • Hearing direct from leading utilities: Where are today’s water utilities looking to invest

  • Climate change mitigation: How cities are building resilience and reducing vulnerability from external stresses

  • Turn your wastewater into a resource: Boost your return on investment with water re-use and resource recovery

  • Commercialisation conundrum: Technology commercialisation and adoption

  • Delve into the data debate: Effectively capitalise on the benefits of data-driven decision making

  • International business opportunities: Meet international water leaders and learn from global markets

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2018 Attracted 200 Delegates from 22 Countries





World Water-Tech

Launched in London in the Spring of 2012, World Water-Tech has established itself as a meeting place for international stakeholders focused on advancing the commercialisation of advanced water and wastewater solutions.  Based on the outstanding success of the first two summits, World Water-Tech North America was launched in partnership with WaterTAP Ontario, and takes place each Fall in Toronto, Canada.  The World Water-Tech team also works in partnership with PUB Singapore and BlueTech Research to host the TechXchange, a one day summit focused on technology innovation at Singapore International Water Week.

Rethink Events

Rethink conferences are created by experts in cleantech and renewable energy to address the issues most crucial to investors and developers in these sectors. Through extensive research, Rethink create hard-hitting agendas, rich in content, and featuring the industry’s most influential figures.

Interactive debate and extensive networking opportunities encourage the sharing of ideas and information, and the formation of new business relationships. Rethink’s goal is to inform and shape the future of the cleantech and renewable energy industries.